Basic: Mapping a cube in Isadora tutorial [FREE DOWNLOAD]

I decided to put together a little demo of how I would map a basic cube in Isadora using standard Isadora actors. No IsadoraCore upgrade or third party installers required. This should work on Mac and PC also.

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 08.07.40

I have to stress this is very basic but for some it could be very interesting and extremely useful. I decided to zip the files and media so you can open it and follow it as you go along.

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 08.08.18

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 08.08.04

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 08.07.54

You need the latest version of Isadora. (I actually used the latest beta but this will be fine)


Don’t forget I always welcome a beer if you found this useful ūüėČ

Any questions or comments then please add them below.

Cheers. Enjoy!


Z-Vector. The secret is out!

The long awaited software is out. If you’ve not heard about it then you¬†should¬†have! The guys from Delicode; who brought us Ni-Mate have a brand new toy to play with. Enter Z-Vector…

Z Vector¬†is the world‚Äôs first professional visualization software based exclusively on modern depth sensors such as¬†the Microsoft Kinect¬†and¬†the PrimeSense Carmine. It allows you to sample reality in real-time, visualize it the way you like and explore it in¬†3D¬†with¬†Full HD¬†resolution. Create fresh material for your visual performances right there on the spot. Some great dancers in your crowd? Single them out from the background and make them part of your visual storyline. Assume control with our full¬†MIDI/OSC¬†support or mix¬†Z Vector‚Äôs¬†output with your existing set using¬†Syphon¬†(only on Mac OS X).”

I was lucky enough to meet Julius whilst I was in¬†Helsinki¬†for the LUX event and he gave me a sneak preview of it in action. I knew it was powerful then and its been 6 months (near enough to the day) now and wow it’s developed¬†amazingly¬†well.

I was lucky enough to get to test this amazing software well before the official beta test. I spent many hours playing around with¬†parameters¬†and creating some wonderful images. It’s been very hard to keep my mouth shut and even harder not to share any screenshots!!! I posted one or two that I knew I could get away with but nothing more.

What can I say? It’s much easier to head over to¬†their¬†website and either read about it there and/or download the beta whilst its active – go NOW!


What it is:

What it can do:




Isadora & Ableton with Virtual MIDI [part 1]

As the title says. How to send note values from Ableton to Isadora (works both ways actually)

Video quality¬†isn’t¬†amazing but hopefully its clear enough to see the work flow.

You can also send controller values not just notes.

Any questions ask away….

A new Codec ‘HAP’

An interesting new codec from Tom Butterworth and the VDMX crew.

Presenting Hap, a family of open-source GPU accelerated video codecs for Mac OS X.

Shifting the burden from your CPU to your GPU…¬†this¬†codec sounds great. Ideal for VJ’s for sure. Nice to see more ‘live performance’ codecs coming out these days.

Check out the link for all the splendid details:

Aspiration Video Promos

I have recently created a video promo for Aspiration.

He wanted a modern looking but edgy visual for his up and coming tech/trance track. His music is really really good and he is well worth checking out…

I love doing videos like this, if you are interested then please contact me for info and prices.