Isadora + Processing + Kinect


Isadora & The Edge Feedback Effect

Isadora & The Edge Feedback Effect

I was asked how to create a feedback effects using just the edge of a persons outline. This is how i’d go about it.

1) Use either a Kinect mask (via Ni-mate or similar) or a green screen video. I am using a free download green screen video.

2) Threshold then ‘fills’ the person with white.

3) The Edge then ives you an outline.

4) The video mixer and Spinner actors create the feedback loop. Changing the zoom from 90-120 give good effects. You can also spin the feedback – as you can see me doing. The mix amount can vary; play around with this yourself. Start on 50 so you can see 50:50 and then alter it to your desired effect.

5) The contrast adjust brings the white back up again – this will vary depending on your video feed. I find the IN MAX to 10-12 works ok.

6) Add some motion blur. This is processor hungry so you can always skip this.

7) Out to your stage/projector.

8) I also created a second projector and layered it over the top; using a feed direct from the edge. This will sit on top of the other layer sits more obvious where the person is.

9) OPTIONAL: add more effects such as a coloriser. Add other effects too!