Barbican Video Mapping (Isadora Mapping)

I managed to get some footage of a project I was helping with a few weeks back.

This was held at the Barbican Theatre/Performance Venue in London, UK. My friend Dan Shorten (from Anomic) who works as Guild Hall School of Drama had students help out and we helped the Barbican promote the spaces and areas they have for potential clients.

I helped with some of the mapping and made sure Isadora ran smoothly. Which it did… of course!


Interesting Videos…

A selection of random and interesting videos that I’ve found over the last few weeks….


Code Control Award Winner

Massive well done to Gavin from Digital Fun Fair  for this one!


‘holodeck’ IlumiRoom by Microsoft

I knew this would happen one day… More info HERE



Home theatre with modified XBMC running AmbiPi, Raspberry Pi with custom PixelPi showing Avatar fire scene.

I think I am going to have a go at this over the summer; what a cool project!


PixelPusher: Intelligent Networked LED Controller

A nice kickstart project here… I need to look more into this stuff. it even has Syphon input?! Crazy.


Some Inspiring Videos

Some recent videos from my bookmarks, some are old some are new. Some are Isadora based, some are not…. just enjoy!








Projection Mapping thoughts. Telenoika Mapping Workshop


Partituira – Ligeti – {Excerpts}

Beyond the Body [full video]

Isadora user dbini (John Collingswood) has recently being touring with his team with a piece called Beyond the Body.


Beyond the Body

The piece consists of 5 dancers, 2 musicians and Isadora (software from TroikaTronix)

John was happy to inform the Isadora community that ‘Isadora behaved impeccably and the audience loved it.’

Full Video here (well worth a watch!):

Website here:

Loopdiver @ Berlin, October 18-20th, 2012

Isadora Creator Mark Coniglio and his team from TroikaRanch are performing Loopdiver in Berlin on 18-20th October!


Six dancers battle to escape an eerie prison of digital repetition in “loopdiver”


loopdiver began with a simple idea: to explore looping as the core structure of a dance performance. Using a software composition and looping tool created by Coniglio, the duo transformed a video tape of a fully realized five-minute long performance into a forty-five minute video “score” with nearly 3000 edits. Then, they turned the computer screen around, and gave their six dancers an impossible task: to memorize and perform exactly what they saw before them. On stage in loopdiver, the digital materials from the original video (the music, video imagery, and theatrical lighting) maintain the precision and perfection of a computer. In contrast, the movement of the dancers is never quite perfect because they are human. When placed together on stage, we see the performers in a constant struggle to live up to an unforgiving, externally imposed machine rhythm.


Video Preview:


Please spread the word! This is a must see!