Updated: How to send Virtual MIDI from Ableton Live to Isadora


How to: Send virtual MIDI from Isadora to Ableton Live.

A short tutorial about how to send Virtual MIDI from Isadora to Ableton. I have used Live 9 but it will work the same in 8 and 7 i’m sure.

You may need to pause the video as it’s pretty short but I believe it will help.

Please note: If you wanted to add a second control then you need to change ONLY the controller number in the Send Control actor.

You can also replace the Send Control actor with a Send Note if that’s any easier.

Any questions then comments below 🙂


Isadora & Ableton Live Virtual MIDI [part 2]

This is very similar to my previous video about Isadora and Ableton Live (part 1). But rather than using MIDI notes (triggers) I have used MIDI automation data.

Needless to say you can have multiple clips sending out multiple data feeds. Possibilities are endless really.

The above method is really good for syncing effects with Abelton and Isadora in a VJ or AV performance.

Any questions or comments… post below.




Isadora & Ableton with Virtual MIDI [part 1]

As the title says. How to send note values from Ableton to Isadora (works both ways actually)

Video quality isn’t amazing but hopefully its clear enough to see the work flow.

You can also send controller values not just notes.

Any questions ask away….