You can buy me a beer!

I get a LOT of emails asking me questions. They are often complex and take up a fair bit of my time in order for me to figure the problem out.

I would love to help you all out for free but I have bills to pay and time = money. If you have a one off question then please consider hitting that donation button. Thanks.

I also spend a lot of free time creating the tutorials, I do this to help the communities develop, to help the software developers and in general just because I want too. I have found many useful blogs and if nothing else they have saved me lots of time and helped me with my projects.

I’m not in it for financial gain, but if you have found anything on this blog useful, then you can buy me a beer via paypal.

All you need to do is click the button below.




5 thoughts on “You can buy me a beer!

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  2. I’m new to this – really new – but thanks for the free tutorials. They make much more sense than the Isadora manual! It helps to see examples of patches too – I tend to learn when I’m trying to do something, rather than sit down and swallow a step by step do this, do this, learn everything approach. I’m coming from moving image not theatre (much better with Final Cut!) so this is waaaay off the map for me. Anyhow, many thanks.

    Joe Citizen
    New Zealand

    • Hi Joe,

      Glad you are finding the blog useful. It’s good to know its inspiring people and helping people get to grips with Isadora.

      If there is anything I can help with then give me a shout. I will always do my best to help out with bits and bobs!


  3. Hi Skulpture,

    that’s massive – thanks and will do. it’s pretty awesome that you’ve put so much effort into a site that can be accessed easily.

    I want to get to grips with the software as much as possible before I ask the typical newbie questions! It might seem strange to some, but Isadora for me is a real bridge between thinking about narrative and interactivity. I’m particularly interested in the haptic side of it – but don’t get me started ; )



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