Isadora: using Macros.

A very very quick screencast to show how to use Macros to save space when patching in Isadora.


Future TV?

I have been keeping an eye on a few things lately that I do not normally blog about.

It all started about three weeks ago by randomly finding this video:

As I imagine it did for some of you, it blew me away. What an amazing project.

I then spoke to a friend called Gavin from the Digital Fun Fair who said he had developed something quite similar and we had a good talk about it.

Then I found this on kickstarter…

There are lots of demo’s on YouTube but this seems to be the best i’ve found:

Now this is seriously cool stuff. Plug and play functionality, affordable, multi platform, etc.

Then I found this….

This idea has been looming in my head for a while now after I had seen this from Sony;

All this stuff is amazing and right up my street. There are obviously huge technological costs for this kinda stuff, never mind logistics – who has space for projector behind the sofa? Not me.

I can imagine playing an xbox game with practically every wall being projected onto. Combine that with a xbox Kinect and the room would spin and rotate based on your head position… scary! A truly immersive, reactive and spacial aware experience could be created with this technology.

I think this stuff will happen in one way or another.

What are your thoughts?