Isadora & Ableton Live Virtual MIDI [part 2]

This is very similar to my previous video about Isadora and Ableton Live (part 1). But rather than using MIDI notes (triggers) I have used MIDI automation data.

Needless to say you can have multiple clips sending out multiple data feeds. Possibilities are endless really.

The above method is really good for syncing effects with Abelton and Isadora in a VJ or AV performance.

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Can computers fill the role of choreographers?

Can computers fill the role of choreographers?


A really nice article here. Lots of comments and thoughts from Mark Coniglio, Troika Tronix, Troika Ranch, NI Mate from Delicode and more… including a video:

Beyond the Body [full video]

Isadora user dbini (John Collingswood) has recently being touring with his team with a piece called Beyond the Body.


Beyond the Body

The piece consists of 5 dancers, 2 musicians and Isadora (software from TroikaTronix)

John was happy to inform the Isadora community that ‘Isadora behaved impeccably and the audience loved it.’

Full Video here (well worth a watch!):

Website here: