Isadora & Live Feed Video Mask [How to…]

I posted this video in November 2011 and often get asked how I did it. It’s actually quite a simple patch, but you will need to tweek it a little to fit the lighting conditions in your space.

Also try adding motion blur or Gaussian blur at some point to smooth it all out….

As you can see the QC Syphon Client is receiving Kinect depth images from NI Mate; this could be from anything really and you can sometimes get a way with using a normal camera.

Hopefully this is useful for some of you.




7 thoughts on “Isadora & Live Feed Video Mask [How to…]

  1. Hey Graham, thanx again for this great post. It definitely help me with my new project on this week : or

    I hope to send you a better quality video to post on your blog.
    The only tricky part is fingering out how to get the right siphon feed into Isadora. (What number to use)
    My first try was with a Jamie Griffith’s tutorial using quartz composer. And may still use it in some cases if I have multiple exhibits and only one Ni Mate licence.

    • Glad its helped. Is that one of those information screen in a shopping centre you are using? I’ve always had my eye on them for things like that! Where is the camera positioned?

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