Kinect for Windows.. Could this be it?!

I have been slightly bewildered as to why the Microsoft Kinect has not really been able to work with windows computers as easily as it has been with Apple Mac; especially in terms of plug-ins. One only has to ‘do a Google’ to see that the majority of software are mac only.

I guess its all down to the drivers and frameworks… (well over my head) but it still seems a bit strange.

The Xbox Kinect. Great for Mac.... its been a long wait for Windows users!

Anyway; many of the Isadora PC/Windows users have been slightly jealous of us apple lot as we’ve been playing around with Kinect sensors for well over a year now via Quartz Composer, Processing, Syphon, etc. But now it seems that there is a Winndows plugin!

The all important link is here:

I have not tested it and don’t actually have access to a windows machine right now. But it seems its easy to install and should be fine.

But note: Important: Download and use the 32bit versions of all files, since 64bit versions do not work with the plugins, this also goes for use on Windows 7 64bit!



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