Mark Coniglio wins World Technology Awards 2012

I have been meaning to post this for a few weeks now; sorry for the delay but it’s still a bit talking point on the Isadora forum!

Mark Coniglio (Isadora creator)  was put forward as a candidate for the 2012 World Technology Award under The Arts category. He was up against some stiff competition. Last years winner was Marco Tempest who is famous for is magic illusions using digital/interactive media.

Myself and the rest of the Isadora users are delighted to say a huge congratulations to Mark for winning this award!

Here are some comments from Isadora users, from off the forum;

“Mark, we’ve had this discussion personally before. But I don’t separate your artistic work from isadora. Isadora is an artwork per se. Its generosity, flexibility, it’s welcoming attitude, it is a blessing for many Persons.

I’ve found a wonderful definition of what an artwork purpose is. Alain Robbe Grillet, french novelist, said that an artwork is not the defense of an idea or the desire to spread a purpose eve if it is a good one). It is simply the capacity it has to make a spectator ask him(her)self a question he didn’t know he(she) had. Before. isadora make me do this all the time. So it is an artwork. it changed me. Forever. So, of course you continue to do music and dance projects, but Isadora is Inside this production and not outside. At least for me. Techne in greek means art after all…..” (Armado)
“Congrats Mark! Well deserved! On tour everyone is always curious and impressed with what I do and its generally Isadora based. Great to hear you are getting such wonderful recognition!” (PacoTheCharm)
“A huge congrats to you, Mark! you totally deserve this. I’m so glad that the world hasn’t underestimate the amount of contribution and inspiration you’ve been bringing into the world of innovative technology in interactive/performance arts. You’ve indeed totally change the way I create art and opened up so much possibilities as an artist/collaborator. I can’t tell the world enough about how amazing this has been, yet this award speaks louder than anything that I can say. I’m so happy that this is happening and hope the isadora community will continue to grow, and I really cannot live without this software! haha.” (chimerik)
“Fantastic news!
Mark you were willing to take a chance on me, and I in turn have tried to play a positive role, supporting and promoting Izzy.
Its this down to earth, fair and human element you have brought to Isadora, and the community behind it, that makes it truly unique.
At times I feel like we are all working together.” (DusX)
You can see the full thread here, and why not sign up to the forum and leave your comments.
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