Finding the perfect equilibrium…

What am I on about?

Well, I will try and explain; just like a dance or theater piece the amount of technology you use can influence and affect the performance itself. Do you A) create a piece based around the technology or B) make the technology work for you? or C) try and do a bit of both? In my case at the Museum and Art gallery the main focus is predominantly the artifacts and collection themselves. The technology and systems used are to help and assist the members of the public; BUT there is a massive push in our global strategy to use new and emerging technologies which are ‘innovative’ therefore there has to be a degree of a ‘wow’ factor. And here lies the problem for me. The wow factor can not be more powerful than the artifacts but enough to be recognised and appreciated.

You can read more about this idea here:

Museums and galleries are wanting to reach out and engage with more people and technology can help with this through various means. If the technology is too over the top and futuristic then people may feel uncomfortable and walk away from it, they may not know how to use a multitouch screen, they may have never seen a Kinect camera before or perhaps they don’t know what an iPad is! Yet stereo typically younger generations instinctively know and somehow expect a screen to be multitouch or gesture controlled. Where is this equilibrium?

There is a lot to think about.


5 thoughts on “Finding the perfect equilibrium…

  1. Very interesting essay – reminds me of Raymond William’s critique of Marshall McLuhan: ‘Innovation’ positioned as technological determinism. As someone who’s funding often revolves around that ticket, it strikes me that certain discourses seem to converge: Modernist tendencies, claims of star/authorship, intellectual property rights, increased prevalence of corporatism…

    Thanks for this – but do you know where I can find a PDF version?

  2. Hey – sounds like an interesting job – have you heard about MONA in Hobart, Tasmania? ( ) It also has a pretty interesting interactive smart device navigation system – that let’s you relive your museum experience later…

    Maybe of interest?

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