Isadora and 3D Renderer Actor

Isadora version came with a new actor called the 3D renderer. This was a much requested feature from many users who explore work and interactivity using 3D models and similar. Previously it was quite difficult to capture the stage output of Isadora and then bring it back into Isadora for further processing (screen capture and syphon helped for a while!) but now this actor solves all the problems. For many, this means effects like motion blur can be added to 3D actors with ease.

I have created a short tutorial to show you the steps…



7 thoughts on “Isadora and 3D Renderer Actor

  1. My 3d particles actor dosn’t have the option for change de stage output to the 3drender actor, and i’m using the 1.3.of24 version!! what can i do?

  2. hello..
    I m new to isadora and m using version 2.1(demo). Still i can’t see 3d renderer actor in my toolbox. please help

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