How to tutorial for NI Mate & Isadora with Kinect.

A quick tutorial…


4 thoughts on “How to tutorial for NI Mate & Isadora with Kinect.

  1. cheers Graham, doing it this way gets an x co-ordinate from NIMate into Isadora. If you want x, y and z of a point i think you have to send the string of values out of NIMate with the label “/isadora-multi/1”.
    then OSC listeners can pick up the x on channel 1, the y on channel 2 and the z on channel 3.
    i cant remember how many multi strings you can watch in isadora, but it is limited.

    have you found a way of getting a depth image and skeleton data into isadora at the same time? if i use NIMate to get skeleton data, then it hogs the camera and won’t let a QC Kineme device listen to the kinect.

    • Yup this was a simple video just to get people started. The full XYZ data will be in my next video hopefully.

      Not thought about depth image too. Maybe we could ask them for syphon support?

  2. hi graham
    thanx for posting this
    i just surfed over from the IZZ forum to look at your blog after your request re SCOUT
    I have had a kinect sitting on the shelf for too long whilst I got SCOUT done
    will pursue this in coming weeks now that i have some time again
    must also post a video from a workshop i ran in sydney last sept where we got kinect driving IZZ and VVV with a dancer doing some really great stuff in a v short time thanx to one of the participants bringing his kinect already rigged to spit out OSC
    i used to use Mandala back in the 80s on the amiga platform
    just loving where all this is at now

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