Everyone is Kinected!

Sorry for the bad title but… everyone is going Kinect sensor crazy at the moment. Many blogs are featuring articles and showing new software linked to the Microsoft xBox sensor. I too have been experimenting and I wanted o mention two new softwares that I have been using.

1) Delicodes NI – Mate is an easy to use and very powerful OSC and MIDI sending motion tracking software. No terminal codes, SDKs, or xcode compiling needed. Plug in a Kinect camera and you are away. Also been working with Blender, Cinema 4D, Animata and of course Isadora.


See my older post about Ni-Mate here: [CLICK]

2) Kinectar is a relivly new app which also uses the Kinect camera.


Kinectar Performance Platform is a toolkit developed by music producer Chris Vik to allow the use of Microsoft’s Kinect motion tracking sensor in computer-based music. The software is designed for electronic musicians to expand the way they control their music in a futuristic and extremely expressive way, using only the waving of hands and a small amount of creativity. It can be used to control the simplest of parameters like a filter or LFO, play notes and chords on a sampler or synthesizer, or be programmed to control an entire live-set through nothing more than gesture.

This is a really well put together app and the video tutorials are detailed and easy to follow. I unfortunately missed the chance to download the beta but maybe Chris will let me have a play at some point as this would be great running next to Isadora.

The Kinect is being used for all sorts and its really exciting to see its development.

I will keep you posted with any new software I come across.


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