Isadora Mapping Patch

A little teaser of something I have been working on.

My mapping patch details so far:

– 9 layers
– Each layer can be stacked/layered accordingly.
– Each layer has composite settings (add/subtract/opaque, etc)
– Each layer can either be: video, live feed, picture, or block colour OR a syphon input (for each layer)
– Each layer can be panned and cropped for stretched video over all layers or just a few.
– Each layer has a mask overlay.
– Each layer can be flipped and/or rotated.
– Using Matthews Quartz actors you can click and drag each corner of each layer.
– Each layer has a grid overlay for easier mapping.
– A global cross hair overlay which can change colour depending on lighting conditions. Can also change the width of the cross hair.
– Each layer is numbered when in edit mode to see what layer you are working on.
– Trigger a video to a layer OR all layers.
– Show/Hide stages feature.
– Stage Preview monitor.
– Scene jump buttons (+1 and -1)

Soon to be finished:

– 3 independent LFO’s which can be assigned to various effects or parameters.
– A panic button to return to a safe state.
– Video effects for each layer (need to decide on useful/common effects, or use modular effect chains)
– A layer lock function so that once a layer is completely set up it can not be edit in error (apart from media content)
– Maybe…. A snapshot morph function to glide between values.
– And a few other features bits and bobs.

Big thanks to Michel and Matthew.

More details to follow.


4 thoughts on “Isadora Mapping Patch

  1. I’m interested in your mapping patch. I’m working on a proposal for funding for a project I call Social Landscape Generator. Essentially it is a process engine that uses ambient conditions and human interaction to construct imaginary three dimensional environments that can be mapped projections onto existing architectural structures. Do you have any info on MAC OSX voice recognition software that generates MIDI or OSC outputs?? All I’ve found is NuanceDragon. I am following two courses of action: Isadora + MadMapper or Resolume Ave4 + MadMapper.

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