‘Commercial’ Interaction.

Lots, but not all of us, seem to hate the word ‘commercial’. It tends to spoil a personal underground style/software/genre/event or similar – once it hits the mainstream or the commercial market it is argued that an original idea, creative intent or movement is twisted to fit the bigger, wider consumer to increase profits via a bigger demographic. BUT… the reason for this post: Using interactive software like Isadora in a commercial setting… and my thoughts on it.

I see LCD/plasma screens, projectors and LED walls everywhere these days. I have event started to see more and more touch screens in shopping centres using them for digital signage, touch screen menu’s and so forth. Yet I can’t seem to get it out of my head that you could do so much more.

When I ask people what interactive means to them I usually get a reply along the lines of Sky (TV) Interactive. I.E: Pressing a button on a remote control via infra red. Now; without sounding anal – I guess this is interactive, but interactive to me means motion tracking, blob detection, colour tracking, etc.

These playful softwares such as Isadora, I believe will one day make it into the corporate and commercial areas. I have lots of ideas; shared between close friends and today I may have made the first steps to explore this avenue.


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