Technical Creation vs Content Creation

Over the last few weeks I have been working on a number of things; Kinect motion tracking, video mapping and Quartz Composer.

It is all very well knowing how to technically create a patch, to ‘make things’ happen. To get A to talk to B or however you want to describe a process; but the fact of the matter is what media or what content (images, video, live feed, etc) are you going to use?

For example: with a bit of know how you can create a complex mapping patch in Isadora but then its whats you project media wise that has an impact. Now this may be obvious to some but to others – please consider creating your own content, filming your own media and experiment with it. Start with basic video software such as iMovie or Windows Movie Maker.

Likewise – getting skeleton data from a Kinect is easy enough if you know the basics and spend the time downloading various free bits and bobs from around the web – but then what? Its what you do with this data and how you apply it.

I believe sometimes we can get hung up on the technical creation, or technical problem solving and don’t spend enough time on the overall picture, the bigger idea. Or… maybe this is just me. Either way its something to think about.


2 thoughts on “Technical Creation vs Content Creation

  1. I know what you mean, Graham, all too often the technology becomes the reason for the art. I tend to work in different media and try to find the best tool for each job. It might be photography, live cameras and a vision mixer, a guitar, pencil and paper or Isadora (all of which I wielded in a show a couple of years ago)
    Sadly, it means that it seems i’ll never be particularly good at one thing, i keep learning new methods of creating work rather than putting the hours in to get proficient in one area.

    • This is exactly what I mean. ‘the technology becoming the reason for the art’ is a very interesting one to me. Often new learners see the motion tracking capabilities of isadora and then want to create a piece based around it… but what is ‘the’ performance and would it even require something like motion tracking? I can understand that its a ‘new cool feature’, etc but should one develop a performance and wait until motion tracking is needed?

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