I have not posted in a week or two. Decided to post just to say hello to my new followers and that I have not forgotten about you. I’ve been working really hard on a few things, upon which I will defiantly be posting about soon. These ‘things’ include:

– My own mapping patch in Isadora (with the help of Michel and Matthew from the forum!)
– Kinect xbox sensor/camera hybrid and Synapse Integration. Basically Skeleton data into Isadora via Quartz Composer. I have never spent as much time in Quartz as I have done recently and will be posting about this very soon! Its amazing stuff but quite time consuming. I will be releasing a custom patch for use with Isadora Core very soon.
– Also been working on a simple and easy to use VJ patch. Will probably make this free to download.
– Also been working on the Isadora Introduction module for the BackStage Academy. (see my older posts)

So – come back soon and check out my new posts. Don’t forget to subscribe if you want to be kept updated without the hassle.

Lots of new updates on Isadora by the way… are you running 1.3 yet?

Hope you are all doing well.



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