Actelion Imagery Wizard – Image tool

[UPDATE] I got a few emails early this year (2013) asking if I knew any more about this software tool so I emailed them today and got a speedy response…

Julia replied: “The software was exclusively developed for Actelion Pharmaceutical, who own all the rights. I´m sorry, it won´t be released for public.” 

So it seems we will never be able to get our paws on this sexy software; which is a shame but I imagine they paid a fair price to get this so we can’t blame them.

I have to admit; re-watching the video makes me think ‘Wow – how nice would this be for making crazy visual content and VJ loops….’

If you haven’t visited the website of  onformative then you should…. Founded by Julia Laub and Cedric Kiefer.


There is something very cool about this. It was recently featured on CDM so thanks to Peter and co for bringing this to mine and of course many others attention.

This is a processing based graphical environment that ‘creates’ molecules which can be edited in real time. Much more information on the website so please visit it! I particularly love this for two reasons; A great example of commercial uses of graphic based programs and clever programming a s well as a sleek and stunning software that can be used in a variety of ways…. lets just hope it becomes a free download hey!

Brilliant work team! Now click this link and tell them how much you love it!


6 thoughts on “Actelion Imagery Wizard – Image tool

    • Do you know if there is any other software that gives similair results? Or any other coders done something similair inProcessing where their code is available for download?

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