Current & Future Trends…

I had quite a deep think this morning about the current trends in the field I call (and what this blog represents) as ‘Digital Interactive Audio Visual Media’… a bit of a mouthful I know but this string of words tends to encompass everything I do.

Current Trends

Over the last 6 months there have been some big changes and developments; from the xbox Kinect sensor to Intel’s thunderbolt system. We have also seen standard mechanical hard drives being challenged via the Solid State Drive – the SSD. High Definition is now expected rather than it being an added bonus. I have also seen (not in person) some stunning video mapping designs with body mapping also being used by the likes of 1minute69 (featured on my blog here).

Future Trends

What right do I have to predict the future? Well I don’t and I can’t… but since this is a blog and a place to share my thoughts then I am going to!

I still feel that there is a gap within this field for 3D/holographic work. I have seen only a handful of 3D/holographic
projections, with most still only being 2D. I am sure it wont be long until we see people literally being projected into thin air. No doubt this will require some clever lighting/laser system or a series of clever mirrors or glass – but somehow I can see this becoming a reality.

Until now I have seen 3D like projections using mesh [Liquid Space = Holographic Fashion Show], water [Sax3d hologrpahic projection],and air [Helio Touch Screen]

I am sure there are plenty of other methods and much better videos than those I have posted. The links above are simply amazing and less than 5 years ago this would have been unheard of. However they are all replicating 3D/holographic images and still have a way to go. I personally can not see how this will be done as light can’t just stop in mid air, light will always travel until it hits a surface – therefore I am guessing we will always need a surface; be it air, water or mesh to project onto… however people have been using reflection is glass too. We shall see.

Likewise, I still believe that the xbox kinect has a lot more to offer. We have seen on many blogs full motion tracking, then skeleton algorithms with face and mouth tracking pretty much created to. I can see this linking into many aspects of artistic work.

I am also keeping a close eye on voice recognition. The ‘interactive’ element sometimes forgotten about is sound. Rather than waving your hands around and using clever cameras we may be using voice commands to control performances, voice commands to control full computer systems and the ability for the disabled to interact with a vast amount of interfaces. We see this in films such from as early as a Space Odyssey (1968) and the machine HAL 900 right up to the modern day Iron Man ‘JARVIS‘ machine. Again, clearly there are many more…

I can see L.E.D wallpaper being a big hit. Imagine being able to make any surface, not just a wall but a floor, a table, a door into a fixable and flexible surface. Sometimes projection is just not an option but with bright and cheap(ish) LED then this might be ideal. You can curve most of the wallpaper in question which means a perfect to solution for custom instals.

What else? The last thing I can see becoming huge is this scene is the thunderbolt device being pushed by apple. Seriously fast, very flexible and will soon be able to handle both audio and video at super high quality and reliability. If you are anything like me and end up carrying tons of cables from gig to gig then an all in one cable would be ideal.

So thats it for now. Thoughts and comments welcome.


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