PreyProject – retrieves stolen laptops!

This, in a very strange way, is a sad post….

A good friend and fellow Isadora user had his laptop stolen whilst away performing a show. Needless to say he was gutted and just as annoyed as anyone would be. How dare these people take what is not theirs! it really annoys me!!!

In todays society we need to protect ourselves from these scum who steal things. But a brilliant company have set up a FREE service which helps fight back against theft of machines, and they are called:

Prey Project

This is for anybody running any machine, on any platform, mac. pc, linux, etc.

PLEASE check it out, install a small app on your machine and create an account and you can trace your laptop, take a picture of the thief using built in cameras such as iSight, get a GPS location, etc, etc. You can then take the details to the police who will do the rest for you.

We should not have to do this but please consider it, its not a scam, its free and it works.




One thought on “PreyProject – retrieves stolen laptops!

  1. And it works, for I am that MBP loser.

    I was sent a PREY report his morning and within a few hours of me sending the receiver of stolen goods’ face, Googlemap location, IP address etc to Greater Manchester Police he was in custody and my MBP has been recovered.

    It gets delivered back to the theatre on Saturday. i’ve upgraded to the pro version of PREY out of gratitude.

    A happy ending. Karma.

    Namaste y’all

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