Isadora 10th Birthday Report!

So, I was lucky enough to go to Berlin for Isadora’s 10th birthday party at the HBC venue.

Berlin was very warm with thundery showers as I arrived and checked into my hotel. I had been to Berlin about 4 years ago at the same location in fact; Alexandra-Platz so I knew the area but my sense of direction was awful as I got off the train.

The venue was a brilliant space which was well hidden on the second floor of a huge building. It was great to see a bunch of people all talking and networking, not knowing many people wasn’t a problem as we all knew we were there to celebrate Mark’s Isadora software. I obviously knew a few people there from forum avatars and introductions using our forum user names!

After a very short but thumping set from the Rhythm Monk (normally Monk’s) we listened to a blend of 80’s classics and mash-ups. The music was interesting and the dancing in Berlin is not shy! I had to take a step back and remember were I was at times.

I did visuals for about 4 hours, I managed to create a few custom VJ loops using Isadora screen shots. ( I will share these for free).  The party started quieting down around 4 in the morning… I packed away and said my goodbyes to all those I had spoke to and met during my stay. A crazy few days in a crazy place but I absolutely loved it.

Here are a few pictures:

Thanks to Mark Coniglio and everyone else who attended for making it a great night.



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