What is Isadora Core?

Many of you may have come across the term ‘Isadora Core’. Or if you have downloaded the demo of the software you will have seen lots of folders with Quartz Composer and or Audio Units (sound players + effects) but then upon purchasing and registering the software they seem to disappear.

I thought it was best if I created this post to shed a little light on the matter.

To start of with, this core video and core audio upgrades are for Macintosh machines only. (Sorry Windows users!)

The core video and audio upgrades are a little extra each (US $25) However you get to see and use the Core version by default when you download Isadora, but when you register a ‘standard’ license, these features disappear. This was done to give new users a full preview of what Isadora can do.

As the name suggests it allows Isadora to use, or “adopt” the core elements of a machines hardware and graphics. This means faster processing on the most part and access to all Core Image, Quartz Composer, and Core Audio plugins on your machine.

It is well worth the little extra cash as it opens up doorways to custom plug-ins and unique features. You get Quartz Composer free with an apple mac machine and with little or no knowledge you can start to create, in essence, your own plug-ins.

A good example of a quartz composer plug in is the iTunes visualizations. A quartz compostion called Jelly, when linked with a sound input watcher creates, in real time, the iTunes visual effect:

The same goes for Audio. Any audio unit that you have on your machine; from the likes of Logic, will appear and can be used with audio: Here is a stereo reverb:

So, hopefully you can se why the ‘Core’ version of isadora is useful.

There are a few other bits and pieces which you can find on the forum, but for now, this gives you new users an insight into why and how the core version is avalible to the community.



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