Isadora Timeline Toolkit (ITT) by Matthew Haber

Matthew Haber has created a ‘timeline’ for Isadora. A great little feature which I have yet to test out fully, well worth checking out and thanks to Matthew for working on this.

Isadora Timeline Toolkit (ITT) is a set of user actors for TroikaTronix’s Isadora and IsadoraCore applications. ITT has no functionality without a copy of Isadora or IsadoraCore.

ITT adds a timeline programming interface to Isadora. An instance of ITT within a patch consists of a single Timeline Master actor, which renders a programming interface onto your choice of stages and produces a master timing signal, and one or more Timeline Ctrl Object actors, which render an editable cue on top of the timeline in the programming interface and which respond to the master timing signal to manipulate projector actors and other actors within Isadora. ITT provides currently unmatched flexibility for linear/chronological arrangement and manipulation of visual and control signals within Isadora. ITT is currently a beta release (v0.8-0.9) so it has some limitations at the moment. I am improving it on a daily basis and users can expect significant updates on a weekly basis while I bring it towards a v1.0 release.

Key features include:

  • User can specify length in minutes and seconds for each timeline
  • Supports up to four separate timelines of varying lengths per scene
  • Supports virtually unlimited cues
  • Supports up to four location markers per timeline
  • Easy “plug-and-play” implementation in patches
  • Flexibly trigger and binary cue types allows virtually any Isadora functionality to be controlled by the timeline
  • Control projector intensity and all types of movie players via dedicated cue types
  • Simple drag-and-drop cue positioning
  • Hide and show the interface via a simple keystroke
  • During playback, timeline can stop after playback or loop continuously
  • Supports dedicated operator monitor or display on top of content
  • Supports USB based operator monitors
  • Touchscreen friendly

Full information and download  [HERE]


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