Partial Clearing

Isadora user JJHP3 (John JH Phillips) shared a stunning video of his work called Partical Clearing. Created along with collaborator Carolyn Healy in the Millersville University Art Gallery, Nov-Dec 2010.

A view of Partial Clearing

“Partial Clearing,” 2010 – A multimedia installation in the Ganser Art Gallery on the campus of Millersville State University, Millersville, Pennsylvania. Approximately 22 feet by 60 feet. The impermanence of objects and people we love; a tint of sadness permeating aesthetic experience; the calming endurance of nature—these are at the root of Partial Clearing, a multimedia installation by Carolyn Healy and John JH Phillips. Sculptor Carolyn Healy encourages a sideways glance at beauty, an appreciation of age and wear revealed in the surfaces of humble materials. She has created pathways through metaphors accompanied by media artist John Phillips’ 3 video projections of slowly changing abstractions and a multi-channel soundscape of percussive bursts combined with quiet aural shadows.

The video below is a short 2:00 Excerpt:

Partial Clearing, 2010 from John Phillips on Vimeo.


Stunning work from the duo, I found it very relaxing even watching the video! I can imagine walking around in the space and I’m sure it was even better in real life!

More info? Click here:

John’s website:

John & Carolyn’s homepage:



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