Interview: John Phillips

John Phillips

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am an intermedia artist. I use video, audio, graphic design and interactive electronics to create solo media works, performance works, collaborative installations (with sculptor Carolyn Healy), as well as produce media components for theater/dance groups. I also teach. I am an associate professor of media arts at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US.

Would you class yourself as a performer, technician, director or other?

I’m an artist, which can encompasses many roles.

What projects have you been working on lately?

As a collaborative artist, my partner and I just took down an immersive multimedia installation in a university art gallery, so we are caching our breath a bit. We are in the planning phase with several venues on the US East Coast for our next installations. As a solo project, I am currently working on a large public art piece in the city of Philadelphia.

What has been the highlight of career?

Always to come, no? But certainly my time spent doing a sound/sculpture installation In Beijing, P.R. China was memorable.

How would you describe your artistic style?

Controlled magic is the goal, abstraction is the usual means.

What technology do you use most often?

Video cameras, audio recorders, speakers, projectors, TH2Go, laptops, lots of hard drives, microprocessors, adaptors and wires and more wires… as well as a variety of software (IsadoraCore, FCP, Motion, Digital Performer, Metasynth, Modul8).

How has the Troika Tronix Isadora software helped you with your work?

Isadora is the program I use when I really need something that I can trust to work and continue working for me. I have used Isadora as the media center for several installation works. The exhibits usually last for several months. As an example, a piece we did in Seattle used one Mac laptop w/Isadora, 2 external drives, a TH2Go, 3 video projectors, 6 audio speakers and a sunlight sensor all running in real time from Isadora. One hard drive failed during the run, but IsadoraCore kept on functioning! And of course, the ability to design a complicated system of interaction combining midi, video and audio is a given with Isadora. In performance situations, its modularity and reliability are also very important to me.

Describe your work/style in three words:

intuition, beauty, communication

Do you have a website:

Do you have any links to YouTube/Vimeo or a blog, if so you can put them here:

If you want people to contact you can also provide an email address here:




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