Interview: Erki Kannus

Erki Kannus

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am an artist living in Tallinn, Estonia. I studied glass art in Academy but have worked with painting, graphics, performance, video and sound as well. I lived in US through 90’s in Minneapolis and developed an interest towards experimental music instruments. You see something about this in almost all my works.

I run a small business providing visual  concepts for special events. Last few years I have collaborated with some musicians in multimedia projects. I teach a few multimedia courses in the Estonian Academy of Art every year.

Would you class yourself as a performer, technician, director or other?

I see myself as an artist in a rather broad sense, since I work with so many medias.

What projects have you been working on lately?

In January, I had a project for a telecommunication company where I mapped and filled the walls of a room with video, some of it interactive using 12 projectors. Also I have been touring with a music project where I provide an interactive video screen and visuals.

What has been the highlight of career?

I think the highlight has still to come but so far I am most happy with the shows last summer with the media artists group MARTU.

How would you describe your artistic style?

I am greatly influenced by the DADA movement. So pretty much all my works can be described in these terms.

What technology do you use most often?

Since I like to work with sound and video, computers are my main tech tools. Last year I started to look into the possibilities of Arduino and other micro computers. And I really like MIDI technology.

How has the Troika Tronix Isadora software helped you with your work?

I started with EyesWeb in 2004, but looked for something that will work on mac.

I knew about Isadora since then, but got hang on just few years ago. Now  I am truly amazed how easy it is to find a solution for the idea with Isadora.

Describe your work/style in three words:

Experimental multimedia instruments.

Do you have a website:

Do you have any links to YouTube/Vimeo or a blog, if so you can put them here:

If you want people to contact you you can also provide an email address here: erikik[at]hot[dot]ee


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