Isadora Mapping Patch

An amazing update today….

Mapping, it’s all the craze at the minute as all the cool kids are doing it. Most forums are talking about it and Isadora has just proved itself (or herself?) as a huge contender! With 9 layers this is one of the best I have seen.

The man behind the project is Michel. Co-moderator and Isadora expert! Michels website is :

This patch is a 9 layer, movie/picture/colour mapping tool with on screen pinch and drag options. It opens up a lot of flexibility and creativity and has certainly made me want to work with mapping even more.

The screen shot below shows the patch with on screen instructions.

A HUGE thanks to Michel for sharing this!

You can download the patch for free [HERE] Click this and it should auto download.

Please check [THIS] forum post for more information, newer downloads and to talk to other users including Michel.



3 thoughts on “Isadora Mapping Patch

  1. Hello Michel

    I got some issue using rou amazing mapping tool.
    In fact, the pan and tilt work.
    When I type “1” for exemple, I see the number “1” in the middle of my stage. Then when i go with the mouse, I deal with moving the image but that’s it.
    The keystone option seems to not work on my platform : Isadora Dema 1.3 and Windows 7. When I do “Click+q” for exemple, nothing happen.

    Do you have an idea of what good be the issue or of what I do wrong ?

    Best regards.

    Art en Action Collectif

  2. Hi Filouz

    I just tried the patch on vmware with windows xp and it worked. I don’t have windows 7. I think the best way to get an answer from others, is to post in the forum here:
    maybe other windows 7 users have tried, and please name the exact beta version. I saved the patch again with Isadora version 1.3.0f14 and uploaded it to the forum, so please try to download the same version and try again, maybe it helps.


  3. Hi Michel,
    My name is Tino, trying to download your mapping patch but not success, can´ find it, could you let me know where I could download it from.
    Right now I am trying to put together a performance with my dance company , I being working with Isadora for a little bit, how ever I find my self no quick enough on my learning process to develop a mapping patch on time to use in my performance, I thought that will great having your patch as a model to practice and really understand mapping,
    Thanks in advance,


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