Interactive Magazine Project.

So here it is, a working motion tracking example that can be used in commercial/promotional work. Relatively simple in set up, but will soon be  complex Isadora patch.

My aim, after talking to a friend who works at was to create something that people walking past a shop window could interact with… even if they didn’t know it!

As a person closest to a window walks by the pages flick open and will stop if the person stops. The person can then navigate through a couple of pages of a selected magazine. Ideally this concept can be expanded and the magazine can change every couple of minute, cycling through a few. And magazines can be updated and changed freely by dropping pre-rendered videos into a folder.

It’s still early days and I want to develop it a lot more.

Any thoughts welcome, and if anybody thinks this may be useful to a business/company friend then please let me know.

Kind Regards,



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