An Update

Hi All,

Sorry for the blatant lack of post the last couple of months. I have been really busy at work but have also been working on a few projects which I will be blogging very soon.

Projects include:

– Multi-touch. After buying a really cheap and old single touch screen for £30 I started looking into the whole multi-touch thing. Like most, I have been aware of the iPhone/iPad technology and have basic awareness of what it does and how its done (or at least back then I did!) but never thought of creating my own.

So now myself and a colleague at work having started a new project. Mostly for fun and because it would be great to achieve but it will also (hopefully) tie in with some work we do at the University Center Doncaster. Based on the inspiration from the (famous?) Reactable which uses the Tangible User Interface Objects (Tuio) and OSC.

– Interactive Magazine. I will be posting a video soon, but I have developed a motion tracking patch that flicks through a magazine in a 3d space. Its rather cool and i’m excited about it!

– I have also been talking to Netia Jones from and She is doing some awesome stuff and you should defo check out her work! I think her and myself will be working on some projects in the future… will wait and see.

– VJing. Done a few bits here and there and have started getting into the theory of VJing – as in how to set up the software and hardware. More can be read [here]

– I also did an interview with a company called JigSaw who will be publishing a bit of Q&A and bio on me in Septembers The Independent News Paper. As soon as its out I will let you know.

I have been checking my log often and I am getting lots of hits! Sometimes over 100 a day! So thanks for checking back and I hope to have lots more to show and tell soon.

Kind Regards,



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