Projectors & Layers

A quick post today, but I feel it is worth mentioning.

I quite often see students and screen shots of people using projectors and layers in very strange ways. Well, as you may or many not know, Isadora is very very flexible and really there is no right or wrong way. However, If you are using multiple layers then you can go about it a number of ways:

  1. Use a Multimix actor.
  2. Use multiple projectors.
  3. Use a mix of both.

Now some of the medium to high end user will know this already BUT, it can save a lot of time and is worth looking into.

Here are screenshots of all 3;




My advise is to experiment with these ideas and see what results you get. The only rule is that you can not connect more than one input to a projector unless you want unpredictable glitches to occur.

If you are using multiple projectors then be sure to look at this part of the projector actor:

Alt Click and go to Actor Input Help to view this text.

It says it all really. Higher numbers are shown first. It works like a composition mode. Again, experiment and see what the results are.



3 thoughts on “Projectors & Layers

  1. Nice blog skulpture!

    Ahh I wish Issy would handle layering better though. Very restrictive on its blend modes and you probably know its been a sticking point with me recently.

  2. Note that Core Image Isadora does not have a CI Multi actor, so you’ll have to use the multiple projector approach.

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