Updated Midi Learn Actor

My Midi learn actor has been updated with the help of Isadora user Michel (Thanks!)

This actor now has a reset button, and will auto detect if you are using a controller; such as a slider, button or rotary pot. Or if you are using notes on/off; from Midi keyboards/synths etc. It also tells you when it is LEARN mode and when it is not, notifying you as to what mode it is in. (it makes sense when you use it!)

Here is a new screen shot:

New and Improved!

New and Improved!

Download it from here: DOWNLOAD ACTOR

Have fun!



6 thoughts on “Updated Midi Learn Actor

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  2. Hey graham
    For some reason the actor’s output doesnt scale full range to other inputs, eg. a cc will only span <10% of another actors input, do you have this problem?

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