Midi Learn in Isadora

Please check out the new, updated and improved MIDI Learn actor HERE

Thought I would share my Midi Learn user actor for Isadora. This has helped me save a lot of time when setting up patches, particularly so when creating VJ style sets which require a lot of programming and MIDI controller interaction.

Here is a screen shot of the ‘workings’ of the actor:

The 'Workings'

The 'Workings'

Installing the Actor

Download the  Midi Learn.iua actor by right click and download to, or save as.

You then need to Open Isadora and go to Place User Actor;

You can then drop the Actor anywher into the window; the actor looks like this:

This is only a temporary action and Isadora will NOT save the actor into your toolbox. To do this you need to click the actor so it is highlighted (like in the above image) and then navigate to the following window:

Now when you go to the 8th toolbox window, you will see the following:

Now you are able to Drag and Drop the Midi Learn Actor into any Isadora Project.

Using the Actor.

The actor is designed to be used with any Midi devices that has sliders, buttons, XY pads or dials. NOT note on and note off. (I may make another actor for this at some point)

IMPORTANT: When you drop the actor into the window, as soon as you move a Midi controller it will automatically detect it, save the controller number and then be locked to that slider.

If you need to reset it, simply delete the actor and drag a new one into the window.

You can not copy and paste the actor for the same reason as above.

If you have any problems then please contact me to let me know.

Hope this saves time and please read the Isadora manual or visit the forums.



2 thoughts on “Midi Learn in Isadora

  1. Just trying this out (the updated version) and anything I add doesn’t get saved. Next time I open the file any control I use is mapped to every one of the midi learn actors. I’ve never used the user actors before, is there something I have to do to save these settings?

    Thanks, Ian

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