Cue Sheets in Isadora

Using the Cue List and Cue Editor in Isadora is a relatively simple, but respectfully easy feature to use in Isadora.

Taken from the Isadora manual (which can be found here) the Cue’s or Cue Sheets are described perfectly as:

The Cue sheet feature is designed for live performance scenarios, it works in a linear way which is ideal for dance, theatre and other performances that have a beginning a middle and an end. The Cue Sheets are a way to have visual Cue, with custom notes to activate, launch, trigger the next ‘events’ or ‘scenes’ in your performance.

As the manual states above, the Cue Sheets rely on you to use the keyboard watcher in order to control the events required. So for this tutorial I am going to show you the keyboard watcher actor and a few examples of how you can use it.

Keyboard Watcher.

Below is the keyboard watcher. It defaults to the letter ‘A’ and with every actor in Isadora you can change it by clicking on the little doe next to the ‘A’.

By clicking the dot, the actor will display this;

Now you can move the slider up and down to select a letter from off the keyboard on your machine but I have discovered a little easier way…

Click inside the area where the letter ‘A’ is (or was) and press the apostrophe button, so you get this:

Then press anything, eg: space bar, enter, the letter S, anything you want BUT make sure it is something you will not use as Isadora is a Real Time and Live performance software so once you chose the letter or keystroke you need to make sure you will not be pressing it a lot, especially if you are using other software or it will conflict.

Once you have selected a key or keystroke, add another apostrophe at the end.

So, if for example I chose the spacebar then the actor looks like this;

If I use the letter S it will look like this;

Hopefully you get the idea by now….

The output of this actor sends a trigger: ON/OFF, so to use this to do ‘things’ then you need a few other actors to help you along.

For example to trigger a number:

To create an off off toggle:

To jump to the next scene:

To trigger a snapshot:

These are probably the most commonly used actors, but you can link up pretty much anything.

Using the keyboard watcher with Cue Sheets.

So, once you have scene(s) with various media on set up ready to go you can then Cue these up in the Cue Editor.

NOTE: Each scene has its own set of Cue’s. So when you enter a new scene, you get a new Cue List Editor.

In the above screen shots, I have used the letter ‘s’ (lower case) so in the Cue list editor, we need to make sure we enter s into the small input field like so:

We can then rename the Cue, and edit a description to help us when we are running the performance. Here I have renamed the first Cue (Q1) to START by right clicking on ‘Untitled Cue 1’ and then entered a description in the box above it.

You can create as many Cue’s as you want but the next step is important….

Important Note: Make sure you click above the start of the Cue Editor before the start of a performance, so that a horizontal bar flashes at the top of Cue 1. Otherwise the Cues may start half way through, or even at then end.

ALSO: You HAVE to press CTRL and Spacebar to go through the Cue’s in the Cue list editor.

Everything should then run through as normal. Please download the attached Isadora file for a working file.

Please refer to the Isadora manaul for more help, or comment below.



ZIP File of Isadora Patch (You need version to run this patch)


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