Interactive is it?

Ok, so this word Interactive is quite confusing really isn’t it? I mean, when we talk about interactive what are we all thinking when we say it? I ask my mum what she thinks, and she believes its the Sky TV because you can make the screen turn into teletext, check lottery results and view football results. I ask fellow lecturers in the art department and they state they make interactive websites, games and much more. I on the other hand see interactive as motion tracking, color tracking, and combining the physical word with the digital in real time and often hands free.

No one is wrong in their opinions of interactive. One thing seems to be clear though… each interactive event mentioned above uses technology and media in some shape or form. Yet, we can be interactive with each other, human to human, animal to animal, cell to cell…

Perhaps the word interactive has become encompassed into media advertising and not fully understood by the majority.

It’s an interesting word, one that I have talked about for over five years and in two dissertations, along with Real Time and Live.

I am now going to interact with my bed…. but that sounds a little bit weird!



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