XYZ Tracking in isadora using ‘Eyes Actor’

Email me if you want to know more….

One thought on “XYZ Tracking in isadora using ‘Eyes Actor’

  1. Vj, I see how ‘color tracking’ works now. Thx for ur kindly help. U r great!!

    I am thinking to make an experimental live performance for my creative media courses.

    I am just started to learn isadora, so gotta lots to try. One thing I really want to ask you is what do you think if I want to make an dancer waves an pen dancing on the stage, then visually what the others can see on the screen is the picture she’s painting while her dance. don’t know if I make any sense, gotta an video of where my idea come from:

    plz tell me if it is impossible to make in isadora.

    Have a great day

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