Isadora Conference

University Centre Doncaster has held Britain’s first Isadora conference, celebrating the pioneering piece of software.

Isadora is a graphic programming environment for windows and Macintosh which provides interactive control over digital media. Isadora also offers real-time manipulation for digital video.

University Centre Doncaster is the only institution to offer Isadora training on its arts based courses, and therefore held the conference at its High Melton campus on the March 19 and 20. The event was organised by University Centre lecturerGraham Thorne.

Isadora creator Mark Coniglio talked to delegates about the software and new additions which will be launched later this year. He said: “It’s fantastic that a group of people came together like this and it’s a great credit to Graham that he managed to make it happen. I made the software just for me and was so happy when it sold even ten copies and now we have Britain’s first Isadora conference, it’s fantastic.”

The event was attended by delegates from across Europe as well as dozens of students.’s_firs.aspx


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